How coffee revolutionized the world

The purpose of this post isn’t to provide scientific backing for the notion that coffee did in fact change the world. It is more of a whimsical extrapolation about how coffee fueled the incredible advancements we have seen since the scientific revolution.



Technical/Scientific Revolution

First I’m going to talk about the advancements in technology over the span of mankind. If you look at a graph of technological advancement it would be very slow up until the 1700s and then would skyrocket exponentially to the point we are today, where tech is advancing to the point that in a day we’ve changed more than we had in a million years previous. I’m going to focus on the early to mid-1700s because that really the period that began to fuel this exponential growth. When we look back at these times we think some of the scientific discovers are ridiculous. Yeah the molecules in a liquid are more spaced out than in a solid that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. However, at the time these discoveries rocked the scientific world. Hundreds of discoveries were made like this that were in fact revolutionary, but are now taught in elementary school science classes. So what caused all these discoveries that built on each other and launched the world into a technical revolution? I’ll get to that.


Nowadays coffee is a major part of our lives. I would put a lot of money on the odds that I’m not the only one that autonomously consumes coffee and lacking it in my system makes me grumpy and less than pleasant company. Coffee has fueled more than one all-night session of studying, digging through files to finish a report, or finishing an impossibly detailed creative on an even more impossible deadline. Coffee has allowed us to override our bodies’ natural cycles of sleep. Is this healthy? Not a chance. Has it increased the productivity of Man-Kind? 100%

How Coffee Changed The World?

Saying anything “changed” the world is a bold statement. To prove my reasoning I would like to go back to the early 1700s. Water by itself is not a viable drink, unless of course you enjoyed beaver fever. Therefore, throughout the day people were consuming alcohol. Could you imagine drinking all day every day? Consuming a depressant lowering our brains power and then switching to a stimulant such as coffee for the primarily consumed liquid? That’s like trading in an Ugo for a Ferrari, so clearly the scientific thought process went through the roof. More importantly than coffee though is what came with it the coffee house. The coffee house became an area were well educated people were in proximity consuming a beverage that was advancing their thinking rather than inhibiting it, so of course the scientific discoveries started rolling out.

So yeah, maybe I extrapolated a bit but if this delicious cup of black nectar can get me through finals or a tight deadline, than it can revolutionize the world of thinking and bring upon an exponential growth in scientific discovery.


So cheers to coffee and thanks for reading



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