PR Manager for a Super Hero – Overview

This idea came to mind after listening to one of Ryan Hanley’s Podcasts. His podcast is called Content Warfare and if you don’t already I suggest listening to it! In a recent podcast Dustin Stout was a guest and they were talking about how super heroes are a great example of good PR. After the show I tweeted about how awesome it would be to be the PR manager for a superhero. As I thought about it more and more I began to make more and more connection between how superheroes present themselves and how companies should. Since the world current has a lack of super heroes the likelihood of getting a job as the PR manager for a super hero is pretty low. I’ve decided to do the next best thing. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be compiling a short story about the life and the challenges of being the PR manager for a super hero. Don’t worry I asked Stout’s permission to build off his idea. Hopefully by the end of it I’ll have outlined the similarities between managing a super heroes PR and handling a company’s. Part one will most likely be published later tonight and parts to follow will come probably once or twice a week.

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For more information on Ryan Hanely @RyanHanley_Com

For more information on Dustin Stout @DustinWStout

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