How to actually gain readers and traffic – Why you aren’t famous on the internet yet

elevator to success


We have all been naively optimistic at one point or another in regards to our online presence. Joining Instagram or Twitter with dream of 100k followers, your tweets retweeted to the masses. Starting and blog with the hopes of gaining 10k readers a day after your first post. We’ve all been guilty of this, myself included. Then reality set in, we discover we haven’t instantly become famous and we get discouraged and often give up on these accounts or blogs.

People everywhere want a quick path to fame. Don’t believe me? Look at Google, there is thousands of posts about “gaining blog traffic quickly”, “how to gain 1000 Twitter followers”, “Tools for a successful blog”, ect.  People want an elevator to internet fame and success, but if it was as easy as the push of a button everyone would have 10k followers and our notion of success would change. The path to success is stairs and if you want to get there you need to take them one grueling step at a time. 

Yes, some people start higher up the flight of stairs, often because they were famous in some sense prior to building their internet presence. This is discouraging to everyone else, because like life, the internet works on the basis of the rich get richer. That celebrity with 100k followers gains 100 a day without trying while Joe Schmo grinds away to gain one. Most start on that same bottom step and grind their way to the top. Most 10k+ account started with just a few followers or readers. Writing blog post to no one and tweeting to an empty room, but eventually people start to listen and start to care about what that person is saying. 1 follower a day turns into 10, then 100. This person is grinding out on Twitter and there site, engaging with people who show interest put in effort even when it doesn’t seem like anyone cares. Eventually these people reach that status of internet fame and they’re better because of their journey than those who took a short cut.

So read all the posts you want about gaining readers or followers, but until you’re ready to grind through the shit you will never make any progress.


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