Sell the lawn not the grass seed


It took me a very long time to realize this. I had made the perfect pitch. It outlined all the attributes of the product why it was a great fit for the customer. I had designed great visuals and copy to accompany the pitch. Everything was in place for the perfect pitch, it was going to be an easy sell. Except the whole thing was wrong, and was going to bomb when it was pitched.

When marketing a product we want to flaunt all the great aspects of our products. We want show the customer all the information we spent hours writing up. Unfortunately the thing is, the customer doesn’t care about all the great attributes of our product. All they care about is that what we are trying to sell them will solve a problem they are having. It doesn’t matter if the grass seed you’re selling has an industry leading nitrogen rate. All that the customer cares about is whether or not this particular grass seed will give them a lush green lawn.

So put the ego aside, the pitch that makes you look the best might not be the best thing to sell a customer on your product. Instead pamper the customers ego, sell them on a product that is going to make them look good. That will give them the lush green lawn all their neighbours will be jealous of.


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