How coffee revolutionized the world

The purpose of this post isn’t to provide scientific backing for the notion that coffee did in fact change the world. It is more of a whimsical extrapolation about how coffee fueled the incredible advancements we have seen since the scientific revolution.




Guerrilla Marketing its no Monkey Business

Gorilla Marketing!


No… that’s not it…. Guerilla Marketing! Making someone want to buy your product before they know they were marketed to.

Guerrilla Warfare

I guess to define Guerilla marketing we should go back in history to look at guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare (in colonial North America at least) was a method of warfare where a small number of highly mobile soldiers would attack small parties at ‘apparent’ random times. Picking apart an army a group at a time. This method was especially effective because at this time French and British militaries saw warfare as standing across from each other in lines and firing in a very structured manner. There wasn’t a lot of surprise in this method. You line up, they line up, both fire, then maybe charge. Guerrilla warfare was full of surprises, and because of that it was incredibly effective. Some armies were defeated before they knew they were at war. Guerrilla warfare did have its risk though. If the intended target is prepared there isn’t much chance for a small Guerilla party versus a prepared army.

Guerrilla Marketing

Sticking with the American Revolution esc analogy, Traditional advertising and marketing is like the French and British. Standing in a line and firing at each other. Consumers know they’re being marketed to. Most accept this as a part of life. There are changes in tactics of course but the large army on a field doesn’t change. Then there is guerilla marketing. Marketing to consumers without them even realizing and convincing them they need a product that was never actually “advertised”. This is done by plugging a product all over the web. A blog post here, a few comments here, a well-timed non-suspect tweet, a post on Reddit even that has very little to do with a product. All these methods and many more are utilized to market to consumers before users even realize.  (Did you know if you have enough Karma companies will buy your account and use your online credibility to their advantage?). Like Guerrilla Warfare, Guerrilla Marketing can be dangerous. If a consumer realizes what is happening you’re entire campaign will be crushed when it is out’ed to the internet. In the early 2000s there was a street racing blog that was gaining a lot of traffic (you can that The Fast and The Furious), this blog was doing very well. That is until someone realized the vast majority of cars featured were Mazda’s, after some digging it was discovered that the blog was in fact was a campaign by Mazda. The blog died over night because users felt lied to and betrayed.


–          Low cost compared to the cost of traditional advertising

–          Able to reach a vast variety of markets by tailoring content to individual segments

–          By making content that appears to be organic it will drive actual organic content


–          Time! Guerilla Marketing may be low cost financially but it takes a lot of time. You need to be willing to hustle to get the most out of an ‘covert’ marketing campaign

–          If you get caught as being insincere with staged ‘organic’ content you’ll lose a lot of online cred

–          Balance! There is a tricky line to walk across with this. To obvious and it won’t look organic, not obvious enough and it will have no effect and you are just wasting time.


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Welcome to the social media party – 5 types of companies

The Social Media Party

Welcome to the social media party. In a world where we are constantly interconnect it is key to leverage Social Media to your advantage. A great social media campaign can greatly help your company control the public opinion. The world of social median is like a party, there’s lots of people there, there’s a lot of companies there. Much like a party there are people there of all sorts, people who don’t really fit to people who are the star of the party and everything in between. Today I am going to outline the 5 major players at the social media party and how they handle themselves.


50 Cent isn’t an awful ball player he’s a marketing genius

If you haven’t seen or heard about 50 cent’s awful opening pitch at the Mets game crawl out form under your rock. Social media and the news was raving about the terrible terrible throw. Which in my opinion is EXACTLY what good ol’ Curtis Jackson wanted. This awful pitch went viral instantly and and reached millions. As did his response. A response which happened to include the hashtags #smsaudio and #animalambition, these have nothing to do with his failed throw, but have gained a couple million brand impressions. If you think 50 cent couldn’t throw a good pitch, think it through. He’s an artist that is very aware of his image.You think he wouldn’t make sure he threw a good pitch if he wanted to?

So yes he “embarrassed” himself, but that’s a small price to pay for getting your brand out to MILLIONS of people. When it comes to publicity plays I love this and I think it’s genius. After all marketing is all about manipulating public opinion to gain awareness!

To conclude I’ll restate 50 cent’s tweet “I’m a hustler not a damn ball player. LMAO…” and yeah he hustled the shit out of the media and is probably laughing his ass off about the free advertising he gained.

The Good, The Bad, and The Awful of First Impressions

Strong Front Line for Any Business

Every heard the phrase “you only have one chance to make a first impression” or “put your best foot forward”? I’ll assume so, otherwise they wouldn’t be cliques. These count in life and even more so in business. In life if you make a bad first impression that sucks, but you can overcome it by showing of your best features. As a company if you make a bad first impression the chances of getting a chance to make up for it are slim. More likely than not that costumer will never deal with you again. As in life, everything in business is centered around building strong relationships, and these relationships are a lot easier if started on a strong note.

I also realize customer service is not a high paying or overly desirable job. Therefore trying to get people to be excited about it is difficult, but please if you are going to place these people as your first point of contact try to make sure they do lose a sale before they even forward a customer to the right people.


CASL and why it sucks


It’s been WAY to long since I’ve written anything, but then again I warned of that in my very first post. Working full time, with a part time job on top, hasn’t left a lot of time to write. I’ve made notes of what I’d like to write about so whenever I get time I’ll probably put out a bunch in a very short period. As for today however I am going to talk about SPAM, the ridiculous actions Canada has taken against it, why this legislation won’t fix anything and why it will hurt most well behaving businesses.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is going to war against SPAM and just as it sounds CASL is a castle for Canada, and like castles of old if you aren’t fortunate enough to be inside the castle during the battle then your shit out of luck.


What we do in life, echoes in eternity


I’m going to go ahead and take Maximus’s wise words and take them out of context I’m not talking about the deeds we do in life carrying into the after life because that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with business. What I am going to talk about is the fact that our business lives and our personal lives are no longer separate. The actions of our personally lives can echo into our business lives and vice versa.  

The inspiration for this post came last night at a hockey game. One of the players on the other team was just the worst type of player. Disrespectful, dirty, ran his mouth, and show boated when they took the lead. I was informed he was a good guy off the ice, but that isn’t what I saw. Another fan made the point that if they ever dealt with the guy professionally they would laugh in his face and tell him to keep on walking. This seems like a stretch basing professional opinion off a hockey game, but it really isn’t. The things we do out side of our professional lives echo into business. You may be great in the professional world but the action of your personal life can negatively effect future business dealings.

The advice I pass on is to treat all of your life like you’re being assessed. You might think you are being pretty cool acting like an ass at a hockey game, or posting the video of your “epic” 60 second keg stand on Facebook, but in reality employers and clients have unlimited access to our digital lives and it is in fact “a small world after all”. It might be petty but if this hockey player walked into my office in the future I would asses him on the game I saw over and above any professional standings he had.

That’s my rant for the day, thanks for reading.




What I want Facebook to do with Oculus

For those who don’t know Oculus is a Virtual Reality program and system. Facebook recently bought Oculus for a cool $2B. The internet, shockingly, jumped to conclusions and hated this. “How dare this corporate monster buy this precious thing and ruin it, I will not have it!”. Yeah, I’m looking at you Notch. Yeah Zuckerberg has ruined a lot of things we love. Remember MSN? Yeah, Facebook chat crushed that. On the other hand Zuckerberg has a LOT of money. Way more than the developers of Oculus.

So this is what I want Facebook to do with this money.


With Oculus you could have actually effective virtual classrooms. People across the world could be in all listening the the same professor in an interactive manner. This technology could vastly lower the cost of education and increase the availability to people across the world. If I could take my degree from the comfort of my own home, at a lower cost, rather than trading my soul to the modern education system, I would in a heartbeat.


I can’t afford to go to all the hockey games I want. I definitely can’t afford to go to the Superbowl or fly across the world to attend concerts or music festivals. Imagine if you could though? Oculus set up at court side seats, or in the front row of a concert. Sitting at home and being immersed in the experience that very few of us can afford. Yeah, there would be ads popping up, but whats different from watching at home, other than the fact that you’d essentially be there. 


Notch needs to grow up. Immersible virtual reality for Minecraft would be amazing, and I would go mine for days. Virtual Reality for gaming has been around for years, but it has never been able to leverage the capital and social compatibility as it can with evil Facebook owning Oculus.

This is just a few things that I think could be great about Facebook owning Oculus. What will probably happen? Virtual Farmville.


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