What I want Facebook to do with Oculus

For those who don’t know Oculus is a Virtual Reality program and system. Facebook recently bought Oculus for a cool $2B. The internet, shockingly, jumped to conclusions and hated this. “How dare this corporate monster buy this precious thing and ruin it, I will not have it!”. Yeah, I’m looking at you Notch. Yeah Zuckerberg has ruined a lot of things we love. Remember MSN? Yeah, Facebook chat crushed that. On the other hand Zuckerberg has a LOT of money. Way more than the developers of Oculus.

So this is what I want Facebook to do with this money.


With Oculus you could have actually effective virtual classrooms. People across the world could be in all listening the the same professor in an interactive manner. This technology could vastly lower the cost of education and increase the availability to people across the world. If I could take my degree from the comfort of my own home, at a lower cost, rather than trading my soul to the modern education system, I would in a heartbeat.


I can’t afford to go to all the hockey games I want. I definitely can’t afford to go to the Superbowl or fly across the world to attend concerts or music festivals. Imagine if you could though? Oculus set up at court side seats, or in the front row of a concert. Sitting at home and being immersed in the experience that very few of us can afford. Yeah, there would be ads popping up, but whats different from watching at home, other than the fact that you’d essentially be there. 


Notch needs to grow up. Immersible virtual reality for Minecraft would be amazing, and I would go mine for days. Virtual Reality for gaming has been around for years, but it has never been able to leverage the capital and social compatibility as it can with evil Facebook owning Oculus.

This is just a few things that I think could be great about Facebook owning Oculus. What will probably happen? Virtual Farmville.


Thanks for reading,