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Why everyone should have a blog, but few actually do

Well here we go. Every person I’ve talked to has given the same advice. “You have to get your name out there. Show your knowledge or expertise in an area to employers! Blogs are great ways to do that!”. I 100% agree with this, blogs are a great way to present your knowledge and opinions to potential employers in a constructive and professional way. So what’s stopping everyone from making one? Blogs are a pain in the ass!

Ask most people and they will say they had a blog at one point or another. They start with the promise of “I’m gonna write everyday” to “maybe once a week” to “oh, i haven’t posted anything in two months”. I’m guilty of this too. I had a blog that I would write in when I couldn’t sleep and it helped clear my head. I started with the notion that the internet would love my 2am ideas and I would connect with thousands of people through these posts. Nope, I think about 100 people visited my blog in total, with zero comments. We are a society that craves instant approval and acceptance, so when our thoughts aren’t accepted we figure what’s the point? May as well keep them to ourselves. I, like most people, fell into this trap and I don’t even remember the password for that old blog.

This is were I come back to Blog creating an image for employers online. That won’t just happen. It takes work to convince someone that you know what you’re talking about. So where does this leave this blog? Well I’m not gonna promise i’ll post every night or every week for that matter. I get busy, we all do, but I am going to work at it. Share my thoughts on current issues and innovations in business and technology. If you agree with my opinions, great. If you don’t, oh well. That’s the great part about the internet.

Thanks for reading,