How coffee revolutionized the world

The purpose of this post isn’t to provide scientific backing for the notion that coffee did in fact change the world. It is more of a whimsical extrapolation about how coffee fueled the incredible advancements we have seen since the scientific revolution.




This should be in every store!


Have you ever been shopping, casually minding your own busy, exploring what a store has to offer? Then out of the shadows comes a sales associate asking if you want help. Yeah I get that its their job to make sure the costumer happy and looked after, but I’m a grow man and am more than capable of coming to them if I have a question. If only there was a way to show that I’m just browsing and don’t need help from anyone. Oh wait there is! This basket is a simple and yet so genius of an idea to do this.

Before you get the idea that I just like this idea because I hate social interaction with people working retail, I don’t. I’ve worked retail so I know the pains of that side of the equation as well. Therefore I’d like to discuss how great this is from both sides of the counter.

Retail Side

Working retail isn’t the most glamorous job, but I actually really liked interacting with people and helping them out. When people don’t want your help, well it is kind of a waste of time. When you don’t ask a costumer if they need help and they actually do, you feel like you aren’t doing your job. This is a delightful case of a lose-lose situation. Having the ability to know which costumers don’t want help, whatever their reason may be, would be wonderful to allow sales associates to focus their attention on the costumers who want it, and not annoy the costumers who don’t. Overall increasing the enjoyment of the store for all types of costumers.

Costumer Side

There is two types of shopping I do. The first is very task oriented. I know what I need and want to get in and get out quickly. If I know where to find what I need, I need no help at all. If I don’t I’ll find the closest sales associate and ask them where to find it. The second case is where this delightful basket would come into play. If I’m shopping just to kill time, I like to browse. I like to look around the store, absorb lots of information on products and I may or may not decide to purchase something. Most of the time I have no idea what I want, and sales associates aren’t going to be any help with that and frankly just disrupt my shopping for the sake of entertainment. There are times when I find something that I want information on and then sales associates provide a great deal of help for me.

This basket is just a simple tool but could provide a more enjoyable experience for shoppers and make the job of those working in retail significantly easier.

Thanks for reading,